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Mission & Vision

Lake Pontchartrain Elementary will teach 100% of the curriculum so all students will have access and the opportunity to achieve mastery or above grade level by the end of their elementary school journey.
Lake Pontchartrain Elementary's mission is to provide a welcoming, safe, engaging, and supportive environment that fosters a sense of belonging and inclusiveness.
  • 1:1 Student to computer ratio
  • $58 Million in Capital Bond Improvements
  • Universal Pre-K
  • Established St. John the Baptist Education Foundation to Support Teachers and Students

About Us

Lake Pontchartrain Elementary serves 751 students from Pre-Kindergarten to eighth grade.
Our School Motto is: Learners Proudly Excelling!
Mascot: Pelican
Colors: Blue & Gold

New Orleans Saints Professional Football Experience


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Citizenship Award

4th Grader Gianni Chapman received the Citizenship Award from the Laplace Rotary Club presented by Ms. Patricia Triche. She passed the Four-Way Test in all her actions.

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Principal’s Message

Lake Pontchartrain Elementary is Building the Stage to Excellence!
Salutations Scholars, Families, and Friends!
I am beyond elated to welcome you to Lake Pontchartrain Elementary (LPE) for the 2022-2023 academic year. Lake Pontchartrain is a nurturing, compassionate teaching and learning community where student achievement is the top priority. Administration, teachers, and faculty have high expectations for all students. We believe in all students and their potential to compete in this technologically-advanced diverse society. We invite parents, guardians, and stakeholders to partner with LPE in providing “THE BEST” academic experience. One way to partner with Lake Pontchartrain Elementary is to join the Parent Engagement Club (PEC) and supporting the organized outreach projects. In addition, home-to-school partnership is the most impactful factor in the success of scholars. At Lake Pontchartrain Elementary, we understand the importance of maintaining a productive partnership through open and honest communication, positive and proactive engagement with stakeholders.
We are thrilled to embark on this mission with students from PreK - 8 to discover, build, remediate, and enrich their understanding and knowledge academically, socially, and emotionally. Our scholars will become better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and innovative creators while receiving high quality instruction with Tier 1 curriculum and district approved supplemental resources. Our school’s goal is to provide a differentiated approach to meet the needs of all learners resulting in academic progress. Our instructional focus includes intensive intervention, core supports, standards-aligned instruction, and student engagement. The integration of effective instructional practices will provide a robust classroom environment for the acquisition of knowledge. We have Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) expectations that empower students to be respectful, responsible, safe, problem solvers as they learn, work, and play each day.
Working together, we can help all students to achieve!
          Respectfully yours,
          Dr. Kara Lawson, Principal
         The Nest is the Best!
         “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”- Tim Notke
Journey to Excellence